We all know there is nothing nicer to start a dinner party than some fresh crispy bread, olive oil and dukkah, and our macadamia dukkah is no exception. This versatile, delicious blend of dry roasted macadamia crumb, roasted seasame and cumin seeds, and spices that hint at Cajun origins all come toegther to make the perfect topping for any dish! We recommended you try it with lamb, chicken, or kebabs. However, we even have customers who just enjoy it straight from the teaspoon!


We've added a little more of our own twist to the Smoke 'N' Spice dukkah - by adding that hint of Hickory smoke, you know this one is a game changer!

Macadamia Dukkah

  • Gluten, egg, dairy and soy free. Contains macadamia nuts and spices.