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Wholesale & Processing Information

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Here at Top Notch Macadamias we pride ourselves on having the ability to wholesale the finest New Zealand grown macadamia kernel by the kilogram. Styles available are a large whole kernel right through to our super fine baking chip and delicious, gluten-free macadamia flour. 

Top Notch Macadamias also offers an extensive processing service, as well as the option of bulk purchase of unshelled nuts from other New Zealand growers.

How do we process our, or your, nuts?

Can I purchase wholesale macadamias?

This processing starts with the dehydration of the macadamias whilst they are still in the shell. Initially they sit at around 13% moisture content; we decrease this to 3% using industrial grade digital drying bins.

Once this moisture content point is reached, the nuts are then transported to our industrial cracker, who break the nuts up from the shells. These are then hand sorted to remove any shell and kernel from the batch, as well as allowing to grade based upon macadamia size and quality. 

Our final step in the processing journey is quality assurance.  One of the team will quality check each of the bins, in order to make sure no shell, kernel or second grade nuts have been missed. Once everything is up to Top Notch standard, the nuts are then nitrogen flushed, vacuum packed, heat sealed and cool stored: all ready for collection!

Of course you can! Our macadamias are processed and sorted on site, and are then stored in high quality food grade 5 kg foil bags that have a maximum shelf life of up to 2 years.

Please contact us via phone or email with your requirements - we would be happy to crack and process your macadamia nuts for you!

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