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Introducing Our Best-Selling Sweet & Salty Macadamias


Experience pure delight with our Sweet & Salty macadamias, a true crowd-pleaser. These premium New Zealand-grown whole macadamias are lovingly coated in a luscious blend of honey caramel toffee, enveloped in creamy milk chocolate, and finished with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan rock salt. The result? An irresistible flavor that will leave you craving for more!


Key Features:


  • New Zealand's Finest: Sourced from our orchard in the heart of the mighty Waikato, our  macadamias are a testament to the country's pristine natural beauty and commitment to quality.


  • Exquisite Flavor Harmony: The marriage of honey caramel toffee, creamy milk chocolate, and pink Himalayan rock salt creates a harmonious blend of sweet and savory notes that dance on your palate.


  • Premium Ingredients: We use only the finest, carefully selected ingredients to ensure a truly indulgent experience with every bite.


  • Moreish Delight: Prepare to be captivated by a flavor so addictive, you won't be able to resist coming back for another bite.


Ways to Savor:

  • Instant Gratification: Enjoy the irresistible combination of sweet and salty straight from the bag for an instant mood lifter.


  • Gourmet Treats: Elevate your dessert platters and charcuterie boards with these exquisite macadamias for a touch of luxury.


  • Gifting Excellence: Share the joy of this delectable treat with friends and family, making any occasion extra special.


Experience the magic of our Sweet & Salty Macadamias. Order now and let your taste buds embark on a journey of pure indulgence!


Ingredients: Macadamia Nuts, Sugar, Butter, Chocolate, Salt, Honey, Vinegar.

Allergens: Macadamia Nuts, Milk, Soy

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place for maximum freshness.


Sweet & Salty

PriceFrom $15.00
  • Gluten, egg and soy free. Contains macadamia nuts and dairy. 

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