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The Story of Top Notch Macadamias

Top Notch Macadamias is situated in the mighty Waikato, north of Morrinsville. The elevated orchard is home to over 1500 macadamia trees, many native birds and one lovely old dog. A lot of people are suprised to hear about macadamias growing in the Waikato, but lots of sun provides a micro-climate ideal for a flourishing macadamia orchard. We are spray-free, and encourage nature to do our work for us. 


Top Notch Macadamias are family owned and operated. We have invested in tree health, machinery and processing equipment to ensure that the end product is something we are proud of. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. We know that every nut counts, and strive to make our customers as happy as can be - be that with our famed Sweet & Salty macadamias, a piece of macadamia brittle with hot coffee, or simply the knowledge that everything that comes from our orchard is made with love and pride. 

From our family to yours.

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40A Top Road, Patetonga NZ

07 8878879

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